Safeguarding the passenger experience at airports with Cityvision

Cityvision is a video analysis software that addresses the challenges of air travel security and passenger experience at airports. Through innovative AI and real-time analysis, Cityvision collaborates closely with airports to introduce solutions for security enforcement and internal process streamlining.

Its main features consist of managing external and internal flows while ensuring site and people safety. This willingness to make airports more efficient is the starting point for partnerships and collaborations. Today, Cityvision is adopted by airports in France and Italy.

Ensuring Site and People Security

Cityvision serves as a security system with a primary focus on enhancing the safety and security of critical sites like airports. Its functionalities encompass a wide range of use cases that ensure both site and people security. The system detects unauthorized access, promptly identifies the presence of people or vehicles in restricted areas and tracks prolonged presence to mitigate potential security threats.

Cityvision also manages crowd levels, recognizes abnormal influxes of people, and provides real-time alerts to help authorities respond swiftly during peak periods or emergency situations.

Furthermore, it aids in preventing hazardous situations, such as gauge overflow and misuse of traffic lanes, while effectively identifying counter-flowing vehicles and unauthorized parking instances. The system’s capabilities extend to detecting and responding to unattended objects, as well as providing early smoke and fire detection, enabling rapid emergency responses and reducing the risk of further escalation.

As Cityvision continues to evolve, its ongoing development for detecting violent incidents promises stronger site and people security at airports.
Cityvision aims to expand cameras’ functionalities beyond the traditional security use, hoping to expand their functionalities to ensure a seamless passenger experience and attain operational excellence.

Efficient Management of External Flows

Cityvision aims to enhance airport operations through its seamless monitoring and management capabilities. With its classified and directional counting feature, Cityvision offers unparalleled insights by accurately tracking up to 9 types of vehicles, enabling airports to make data-driven decisions and optimize traffic management strategies. This helps airport managers to detect and address traffic congestion and potential bottlenecks at access points, ensuring passengers’ smooth entry and exit. By reducing traffic jams, Cityvision optimizes the flow of vehicles and people throughout the airport, resulting in a hassle-free travel experience.

Furthermore, Cityvision provides real-time identification of available parking spots, helping airports manage their parking facilities. By visualizing the occupancy of these spaces, airport managers can guide passengers to empty spots, reducing parking congestion and eliminating the frustration of searching for a parking spot. This not only enhances the overall passenger experience but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly airport environment.

Cityvision’s capabilities extend to monitoring time-sensitive drop-off and pick-up zones. The software alerts airport managers, in real-time, about instances of misuse or unauthorized vehicle presence in these areas, ensuring an uninterrupted flow.

💡 How Cityvision plays a part in airports’ operational efficiency

Cityvision works hand in hand with airports in France to assess the operational efficiency of the bus network that drives passengers from the city centers.

In this scenario, the software facilitates a side-by-side evaluation of bus frequency, waiting times and passenger countings.
Airport authorities are therefore equipped with a panoramic view that help us better pilot the bus offer and ultimately improve passenger experience.

Seamless Internal Flows

Cityvision achieves an accuracy rate of 97 percent across all its functions. Through its precise people-counting capabilities, the software detects the flow of individuals in specific zones. This furnishes airport authorities with insights into crowd densities, popular sections, and areas needing enhancement, enabling a strategy for crowd management and resource allocation.

Moreover, Cityvision measures waiting times and facilitates real-time monitoring of queues and other delays. This combined resource optimization and waiting time measurement capability helps airports to effectively address passenger requirements while upholding service and security.

Yet, Cityvision’s capabilities extend to shopping and commercial areas, unveiling the flow of shoppers within the airport. This equips airports with the ability to gauge the popularity of retail spaces, thereby paving the way for optimized commercial strategies that cater to passengers’ desires.

To conclude …

Cityvision is not just a software, it is a tool that redefines the norms of airport management, highlighting the importance of adaptability and innovation in today’s aviation landscape.

By placing passenger experience at the forefront, while upholding security protocols, Cityvision underlines the critical significance of harmonizing safety with traveler convenience.

This approach towards operational efficiency not only sets a precedent but also paves the way for novel prospects and partnerships, presenting airports with the opportunity to reshape the trajectory of effortless air travel.