Video analysis
for all urban

Wintics transforms ordinary cameras into monitoring tools to support bold initiatives for creating safer, more sustainable, and livable cities and infrastructures.

As a result, Wintics offers effective solutions to all urban stakeholders involved in building attractive and pleasant living spaces.


The most reliable
and trustworthy
video analysis software.

Cityvision easily connects to any camera to automatically generate accurate real-time flow data and reliable security alerts.

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Tailored solutions
for your industry

Wintics’ industrial expertise enables us to provide tailored applications that meet your specific business needs.

Why choose Wintics?

Wintics, as a pioneer in large-scale video analysis, provides the most robust video analysis solutions to all urban stakeholders. As a result, it has established itself as the market leader in this field.


Our world-renowned AI researchers and experienced software engineers are committed to developing the most efficient and reliable solutions on the market. With our project team at your service, we guarantee quality support for fast and effective intervention.

Industry expertise

Wintics’ industrial expertise allows it to offer applications perfectly tailored to our customers’ business needs.


By making a final and binding commitment not to use any individual identification techniques, Wintics is strongly dedicated to respecting civil liberties. In supporting our customers’ initiatives for more sustainable urban areas, we successfully and consistently reconcile algorithmic performance with energy efficiency.

Made in France

Cityvision is fully developed in France and provides a practical solution to the need for data sovereignty and digital technology security.


Cityvision, the leading video analysis software, stands out in several ways.


Intuitive software allowing all profiles to create personalized video analyses in complete autonomy.

Monitoring tool

Technology that makes it possible to go beyond the traditional camera use, changing it to a transversal monitoring tool, at the heart of optimized management security, mobility flows and cleanliness.

Real time

Operators notified in real time and direct third-party systems data sharing for maximum impact.

High precision

Proven software systematically winning solution benchmarks, allowing you to rely on trustworthy alerts and accurate indicators.

Ease of installation

Well-thought-out design that can be quickly and easily installed in all digital ecosystems, regardless of communication constraints (edge or central).

Optimized integration

API access to data to supplement all your existing tools.

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