Who are we?
Our vision, our mission, our ethics.

One vision

Make AI a powerful tool for transformation of urban areas.

Our urban spaces must be revitalized to play a central role in combating climate change. Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool that can help all urban stakeholders address the most complex challenges to create attractive environments: mobility, safety, and cleanliness.

One mission

Wintics is committed to making our urban areas greener and more attractive.

Our Cityvision software is the driving force behind numerous initiatives aimed at promoting sustainable mobility, enhancing the comfort and appeal of public transportation, improving traffic flow, increasing public safety, and maintaining clean and vibrant cities.

One ethical approach

Wintics is committed to a safe, ethical and responsible video analytics revolution

Using anonymized real-time analysis of video streams and making a final and binding commitment not to use any individual identification techniques, Wintics is strongly dedicated to the respect of civil liberties.

Made in France

Wintics offers a sovereign solution entirely designed in France.

Wintics, a French company recognized on its international market, enhances Europe’s influence in terms of artificial intelligence. Cityvision relies on servers installed locally at customers’ premises to ensure maximum security and data sovereignty.

  • 40
    • cities and infrastructures use Cityvision on a daily basis
  • 2000
    • cameras are connected to Cityvision
  • 7
    • countries where Cityvision is deployed
  • 8
    • nationalities are represented in our team

Our history

Highlights and perspectives

A close-knit team

Wintics’ strength relies on its close-knit expert team united around common values and a shared vision:  make AI a powerful tool for enhancing cities and infrastructures’ natural appeal.

Versatility, curiosity, and perseverance are values shared by all members of the Wintics family, contributing to a strong corporate culture that prioritizes a commitment to success and quality.
Dedicated to providing reliable software and offering personalized support, each employee is committed to ensuring a positive customer experience on a daily basis.

In this collective adventure, everyone becomes a pillar that helps make Wintics the European leader in automatic video analysis for all urban stakeholders.

Our affiliations

Wintics is committed to its ecosystem.


Wintics collaborates with numerous partners in the development of solutions tailored to its customers’ digital environments.