Public transport

Make travellers experience more comfortable

The analysis of crowdedness levels and passenger flows is a prerequisite to improve passenger experience and prevent risks linked to congestion. By providing real-time and detailed attendance data, Crowdvision helps you better manage your network.


Our applications for public transportation managers

With Wintics Crowdvision video analysis software, public transportation managers can measure in real time passenger flows of crowdedness levels, both on platforms and inside trains. They can thus better inform passengers and manage operations.

  • Crowdedness analysis
  • Passengers information
  • Over-attendance alarms
  • Support for operators

Passengers attendance analytics

Production of a large panel of statistics in real time on the level of passengers attendance in the network

  • Countings of passengers on platforms
  • Counting of passengers inside trains and buses
  • Production of strictly anonymous data in accordance with the European regulations

Passenger information

Real-time passenger information on the level of congestion on their journey. This information allows them to adjust their routes to gain in comfort (alternative route, positioning in less dense wagons, etc.):

  • Display on information boards 
  • Display on MaaS-type mobile applications 

Over-attendance alarms

Real-time configurable alerts for public transportation operators in the event of high passenger attendance. This allows them to improve their management of critical situations:

  • Possibility to broadcast voice messages
  • Possibility of deploying flow regulation teams
  • Possibility to adjust the frequency of trains

Assistance for public transportation operators

Data production on public transportation attendance to help operators better plan trains frequency:

  • Estimation of optimal train frequency
  • Sizing of operating teams according to the time of day

Our products for public transportation managers

Wintics develops a specific product for transportation operators in order to realize the full potential of their surveillance cameras by transforming video streams into insightful and accurate data.

Observatory of public transportation crowdedness

Crowdvision measures precisely and in real time the attendance in public transports (subways, buses, tramways and platforms) to enable operators to improve passenger information and and adapt the frequency of trains consistently.

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