About Wintics

French company specialised in video analysis

Wintics offers best-in-class video analysis software to make cities and roads safer, more comfortable and greener.

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What we do

Wintics is a French innovative software company specialized in intelligent video analysis for smart cities and mobility operators. By leveraging the latest AI innovations, our software automatically extracts insightful data from any camera and offers the best video analysis applications for our clients (traffic analysis, bicycle lanes monitoring, crossroads management, car-pooling detection, tolling systems, crowd analysis in public transportation, automatic detection of hazardous urban situations).

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Wintics team

Wintics is a team of 16 people who gather cutting-edge expertise in terms of technology (AI, computer vision, software development) and business (mobility management, smart cities). Our common goal is to leverage the latest innovations in AI to make cities more comfortable, greener and safer.

With our 3 years of R&D and a strong impact on our customers who are already revolutionizing their infrastructures thanks to our algorithms, we are proud to appear today as a major player in mobility and smart cities management in France and tomorrow internationally.

Fondateurs Wintics : Quentin Barenne, Matthias Houllier, Levi Viana
Présentation de Wintics à Cédric O
Ingénieur Wintics travaillant sur une caméra intelligente
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Innovation is at the heart of our business. We are working with key players in the mobility and AI sector to jointly build the mobility infrastructures and cities of tomorrow!