Vehicle classification software

Cameras become the only sensor needed for accurate and detailed tolling classification for free flow and barrier systems


Tollvision features


Shape analysis and axle counting to determine the class of each vehicle

Confidence rating

Each classification is associated with a level a confidence to prioritize potential manual reviews

Free flow

Tollvision is compatible with all tolling systems, with and without barriers

Trig & track

Tollvision is activated autonomously at each passage and tracks all vehicles to determine their lanes

Set up

Autonomous set up via an intuitive interface


Integration of classes into pricing systems through a documented API

Tollvision in action

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Why use Tollvision ?

Tollvision is a reliable and non-intrusive solution that produces in real time very detailed information on the classes and features of vehicles


Cutting-edge solution

The result of an intensive R&D work and co-construction with international motorway operators


Non-intrusive device

Quick and easy to connect without road maintenance


Cost reduction

Centralized information gathered in a single sensor to reduce operational costs and increase reliability


GDPR compliance

We have designed our solutions from the ground up to guarantee the privacy of every citizen, utilizing privacy-by-design principles



Proven software

Already tested by many operators

2 ways of integration

To easily fit your IT infrastructures and networks

Edge analysis (at roadside level)

Complete unit integrating all the sensors necessary to detect vehicle classification

  • Production of carpooling data and alerts in a decentralized way (edge computing)
  • Information is locally integrated into the highway systems at roadside level (no need to go through a data center)

Centralized analysis

Centralized server for simultaneous analysis of images coming from several devices

  • Production of data on vehicle categories centrally (in the client’s data-center)
  • Possibility of using Tollvision as a back office support software for manual invoice reviews

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