Smart cities

Build a sustainable, comfortable and safe city

Massive urbanization creates new challenges for cities: congestion, pollution and safety.

We are elaborating concrete solutions on AI to tackle these issues and make cities more comfortable to live in.


Our applications for Smart Cities

Wintics video analysis solutions allow city operators understanding user behaviour, to dynamically control traffic regulation systems and public lighting, count the number of passengers inside cars, detect misuses to make journeys safer and ensure peacecul cohabitation between all forms of mobilities.

  • Traffic analytics
  • Regulation systems
  • Wrongdoings detection
  • Carpooling detection

Large range of traffic analytics

Real-time production of traffic data

  • Countings differentiated by transport modes (pedestrians, bicycles, car, etc.) on optical or thermal images, both on dedicated and shared lanes
  • Analysis of vehicle trajectories at crossroads
  • Detection of parking slots availability

Traffic management systems

  • Dynamic management of traffic lights
    (depending on detected mobility types waiting to cross roads)
  • Dynamic management of public lighting (depending on mobility types detected on streets)
  • Display of traffic information on boards

Detection of wrongdoings and hazardous situations

  • Detection of traffic lanes misuse (e.g. motorbikes on bicycle lane, bikes on sidewalk)
  • Wrong-way detection
  • Detection of vehicle not stopping at red lights
  • Detection of wrongly parked vehicles (wrong place or over-timed)

Carpooling detection

  • Counting of passengers inside cars either on dedicated lanes or at parking gates

Our products for Smart Cities

Wintics develops two specific products for smart cities in order to realize the full potential of their urban surveillance cameras by transforming video streams into insightful data.

Observatory of urban mobility

Cityvision transforms videos into mobility data to help cities better understand flows, manage traffic and ensure safety in public spaces.

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Detection of carpooling in vehicles

Poolvision determines the number of people inside vehicles, at parking entrance, at toll plaza barriers or on specific traffic lanes dedicated to carpooling.

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