Carpooling detection

Poolvision counts the number of people inside cars at the entrance of parkings or on carpool lanes.


Poolvision features

Front and back seats

Poolvision counts the total number of passengers inside cars

Carpool lanes

The software can detect the number of passengers inside cars driving on dedicated lanes


The software can be integrated into tolling or parking systems for incentive-based pricing

Special vehicles

Detection of taxicabs, emergency vehicles and buses that could be authorized to use the HOV-dedicated lanes


Compatible with other technologies (LAPI cameras, IR cameras, laser trigger) to build a complete system


Display data into billing and control systems via API

Poolvision in action

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Why use Poolvision ?

Poolvision helps you evaluate and control the impact of your carpooling incentives


Cutting-edge solution

The result of intensive R&D and integration work with leading tech partners



Carpooling detection at barrier analysis is compatible most of contextual cameras to leverage existing equipment


GDPR compliance

We have designed our solutions from the ground up to guarantee the privacy of every citizen, utilizing privacy-by-design principles


Proven software

Already tested by major operators

2 ways of integration

To easily fit your IT infrastructures and networks

Edge analysis (at roadside level)

Complete unit integrating all the sensors necessary to detect carpooling on the roadway

  • Production of carpooling data and alerts in a decentralized way (edge computing)
  • Information is locally integrated into the highway systems at roadside level (no need to go through a data center)

Centralized analysis

Centralized server for simultaneous analysis of images coming from multiple devices

  • Production of carpooling data and alerts in a centralized way (in the client’s data center)
  • Possibility of using Poolvision as a back office assistance software for manual billing reviews 

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