Streamline traffic on your networks

Our video analytics software enables highways operators to reduce congestion and pollution by dedicating lanes to carpooling and switching to free flow tolling systems


Our applications for highways managers

Poolvision and Tollvision solutions enable highway operators to determine automatically the tolling class of vehicles and monitor the use of carpooling-dedicated lanes.

  • Multimode countings
  • Vehicles classification
  • Carpooling detection

Multimodal countings

Real-time data collection:

  • Simultaneous counting of vehicles (motorbikes, cars, vans, trucks, buses) on up to 3 traffic lanes
  • Vehicle speed estimation
  • Traffic lanes occupancy

Automatic vehicules classification

  • Detection of vehicles on video stream
  • Detailed classification of vehicles based different features (shape, number of axles, type of freight, rooftop loads)
  • Real-time analysis able to connect to tolling systems

Control of carpooling-dedicated lanes

  • Counting of passengers inside vehicles
  • Detection of wrong usage of HOV lanes
  • Automatic identification of special vehicles (police, ambulance, taxis, public buses) to avoid wrong alarms

Our products for highway managers

Wintics develops two kind of video analysis software for highway managers to help them improving traffic flow on their networks.

Automated vehicle classification

Tollvision extracts from video streams detailed information on vehicles categories with a high level of accuracy (shape, axles, freight, etc.).

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Carpool detection in vehicles

Poolvision counts the number of people inside cars at the entrance of parkings or on carpooling-dedicated lanes.

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