Passenger countings and crowdedness analytics

Crowdvision measures precisely and in real time the attendance in public transports to enable operators to improve passenger information and adapt the frequency of trains consequently.


Crowdvision features

Passenger counting

Number of passengers inside trains/buses or waiting on the platforms

Density analysis

Heatmaps in transport and public spaces. Waiting queues analysis at ticket offices.

Security alerts

Overcrowding, forbidden crossings and intrusion on rails

Set up

Autonomous set up via an intuitive interface


Display alarms and detailed analytics in your existing monitoring systems via API

Crowdvision in action

Why use Crowdvision ?

Crowdvision produces in real time, statistics and alerts to better inform the use of public transportation and improve the management of passenger traffic


Cutting-edge solution

The result of intensive R&D work and co-construction with leading operators


Non-intrusive device

Quick and easy to connect


GDPR compliance

We have designed our solutions from the ground up to guarantee the privacy of every citizen, utilizing privacy-by-design principles


Proven software

Already tested by major operators

2 ways of integration

To easily fit your IT infrastructures and networks

Edge computing on board

Install Crowdvision on a micro-PC hosted on the platforms or in the rolling stock and directly connected to a group of cameras

  • Decentralized data and alerts production in edge computing mode
  • Hosted on the field, in public furniture or inside the rolling stock

Centralized analysis

A centralized server hosted in your data center that allows simultaneous analysis of images coming from multiple devices

  • Requires a single server to analyze all the video streams (easier maintenance and economies of scale)
  • Live connection to your video streams or interfacing with your VMS

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