A.I. solutions

to Build Smarter Cities and Roads

Wintics uses Deep Learning algorithms to turn urban video streams into insightful data

We build smarter cities

Vehicles classification

Smart traffic


V2I communication

Parking slots

Traffic analytics
at crossroads

Soft mobility

Traffic anomalies

Why choose our solutions ?

Wintics is a top-player in automatic analysis of urban video streams

We can detect and track any object on video streams to accurately analyze traffic flows

Our solutions are designed for urban scenes analysis

They can analyze thermal and optical videos and deal with urban complex conditions (bad weather, sun glare, occlusion)

Our optimized solutions are ready to be deployed at an industrial scale

Their resource-efficient design allows them to be deployed both on servers or on the edge

Our scientific approach leverages top technology frameworks

Our high-qualified AI developers work closely with tier-1 technical partners

Much more than simple algorithms

Wintics aims at building a more sustainable life together thanks to AI.

Cities - and mobility infrastructure that link them - are the cornerstone of our life together. Today, 55% of the world’s population live in cities, a figure set to rise to 70% by 2050.

With this urbanization trend, cities face numerous new challenges such as air pollution, traffic congestion, pressure on infrastructure, etc.

At Wintics, we strongly believe that A.I. can solve most of those issues and can therefore help cities’ operators build better cities.

This conviction makes us do our best to develop life-changing solutions.

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Our team gathers top professionals: mathematicians, data scientists, developpers, software engineers.
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